The Wii Disc Slot Light


Many of you are probably disappointed that the blue light around the Wii disc slot does not light up all the time. And many of you have probably not seen the light do anything more than flash briefly at startup. Fear not, for the light just operates differently than expected. If you have the WiiConnect24, Standby Connection, and Slot Illumination options all turned on in the WiiConnect24 settings, and you have your Wii configured to connect to the internet, your disc slot will light up when you get data from WiiConnect24. The easiest way to do this is to send an e-mail to yourself and then log in to your e-mail account and reply to the e-mail you just received from your Wii.

For maximum spiffiness factor, change the Slot Illumination setting to “bright” and leave your console off. I am not sure if the light will light up if you have the console on and you get data from WiiConnect24, but I do know that if your console is off and you receive data from WiiConnect24, the disc slot light stays on until you turn on your Wii.


15 Responses to The Wii Disc Slot Light

  1. Declan says:

    Hello! I have a Wii and i am also disappointed with the blue light not being on all the time. In almost every picture Nintendo released of the Wii it would have the blue light on which would give everyone the impression that the blue light would stay on permanently when being played. I also think that this is a big quite a mistake made by nintendo as the light is one of the Wiis most attractive features and may put people off the idea of buying themselves a Nintendo Wii. Other than this 1 disappointment the Wii is very impressive!

  2. Adrian says:

    Thanks for telling me, I was almost going to go exchange my Wii becuase the light was defective!

  3. chris says:

    how do you send an email form your wii?

  4. Calvin says:

    u have to download the internet from the wii shop (the trial version is free!) and go to ur email and just send it.

  5. Olly says:

    I was also dissapointed at the illumination on the disc slot.
    I got my wii at cristmas day for an x-mas presant, Consiquently i have set up the wii connect24. While setting up my e-mail, i set a few e-mails to and from the wii, my light just didn’t take it!!

    I know the light works because if briefly flashes on start up if i enter a disc.

    Any help please, Grattitude,

  6. […] Neat Wii Mod As I have mentioned before, many of you are probably disappointed that the Wii Disc Slot LEDs aren’t always illuminated. […]

  7. danny says:

    how do u send a message from your wii. i went on message board and registered my adress but cant send any thing.

  8. danny says:

    how do u now your wii adress and how do you get to it

  9. Kez says:

    to get your wii address go on your wii address book then go back a page or if your bored go forward 20 pages although that will just make you even more bored god im sad

  10. Cirruzhanxo says:

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    you got the original work 😀
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  11. Lil Bit says:

    Did you check the settings that the Wii is set to dim the slot?

  12. WiiPlayer says:

    Thanks for the info!
    I was wondering if mine was broken!

  13. Lucy says:

    personally, i find it very annoying when my disc slot is constantly glowing and i catch it in the corner of my eye, i wanna turn it off xD

  14. Adam says:

    I also want my wii slot to light up constatntly, people are saying to me that it only happens when i have a message yet i have no one to message me nor can i find out how to send myself a message, although today i went into a ‘GAME’ store and saw they had a wii on show with the blue light on and surely they cant send them selfs a message every morning!!!!

  15. kasper says:

    thanx for telling me

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